9 Tips to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Workplace

Cleanliness is directly related to our health. Therefore, all office owners should look out for various techniques to improve the cleanliness in order to maintain the good health of employees.

Actively promoting a healthy office area can significantly improve productivity, good mood, and also reduce the amount of sick time your employees take. Well, you can maintain a clean and healthy environment in various ways. Implement the below-given tips and enjoy healthy workplaces:

1. Take Short Breaks

Employees who are indulged in a sitting job must stand up and walk approx 30 minutes in a day. It is not just good for your health but also improve your work efficiency and concentration power.

Ideas for getting people to walk more include – going to your colleague’s desk to speak to them related to your work instead of using your emails or other applications, reach your office by foot rather than taking a bus or other vehicle, use stairs rather than lift and also go for short walk after finishing your lunch. 

2. Get exposure To Natural light

All the workers who sit around the windows in the workplace receive 173% more white light exposure are more active and productive than those who sit away from natural light.  Natural light not just increase productivity but also reduce health problems and never let you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D.

3. Ergonomic Furniture

If you are sitting with inappropriate posture then it may results in long term health issues on your body. Therefore, all office owners should invest in ergonomic chairs to encourage a good sitting posture of workers.

This will offer high-level comfort and good health to your workers. All offices must have those chairs that can not only reflect the curvature of your spine but also offers a high level of flexibility, including, the back support, the arms and the height and angle of the seat.

4. Available Breakfast at Work

Breakfast is an energy booster for everybody and we all know it very well but we usually skip our breakfast due to our busy schedule. People take a strong cup of tea and skip the most important meal of the day.

Therefore, all offices should provide breakfast at the workplace. This will help in maintaining good health and increase colleague engagement. With time to talk before start working, people have time to catch up and talk while they feed their brains.

5. Maintain Cleanliness

Have you ever heard an old saying Clean space, clear mind? This adage really means a lot to those who want to improve the productivity of their office. This rubbish removalprinciple is not just implemented for the workplace but your home as well. Clean workplace only increases the working efficiency but also reduce various health problems by passing on of germs. Providing hand sanitizer in the office area will prevent from spreading the harmful germs.

6. Follow Healthy Diet

Eating good food not just maintains your good health but also bring good thoughts in your mind. In addition to this here healthy diet does not mean strict diet restrictions, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving you of your favorite foods items. It is all about feeling great, having good energy, improving your physical stamina and good mood.

Another good way to sustain healthy atmosphere at office is by eating healthy, and no – skipping lunch break because employees are busy is not a good excuse. Try catering a healthy lunch meal such as salads or sandwiches. You could also provide a bowl of fruits for snacks.

7. Make Safety a Priority

A safer workplace is directly related to healthy workplace. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the government’s health and safety regulations and make sure your employees are educated on them as well.

These rules and regulations will prevent the workers from various hazards at office premises, preventing injuries, and creating an overall healthy and safe place to work

8. Reducing Stress Level

Managing stress in the workplace can spread a more positive atmosphere and helps your workers perform better. It’s a good idea to monitor your employees so you can recognize when they seem stressed or overwhelmed with the workload.

You may need to adjust an employee’s workload to help manage that stress or assign another staff member to help out.

9. Desk Plants That Clear the Air

Poor air quality can negatively impact worker productivity. You may notice increased mistakes, longer time to handle service calls, and similar issues when office air quality is compromised.

Consider adding an air purifier and make sure you change filters regularly. In office area some particular types of trees should be planted that increase air purification and improve work efficiency. These specific types of plants reduce bad air and spread fresh air to breathe.

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