How To Work With Outside General Counsel Services India

It is not hard to state that the role of any in-house counsel in any firm is quite vital and also considered to be a highly paid service, to say the least. Often trying to hire an in-house counsel can easily exceed the present financial capability of the said firm. On the other hand, trying to hire an outside general counsel for covering general counsel services in India seems to be a more profitable option over here. Now, the main question that pops up in your mind is what to look for while hiring such outside counsel services. How can it help in the growth of your firm? Here are some points to help you with this process.

Check out the first impression:

Whenever you come in direct contact with a general counsel lawyer for the first time, you must have this impression that the person is one good listener. The person is supposed to have completed proper research on not just you but on your business as well, and able to demonstrate experience in the said industry.

  • At the same time, it is vital for you to note that whether the individual is asking any question or just listening to what you have to say carefully.
  • In place of just touting potential, they must further express keenness to just learn more about the concerns your business seems to be facing.
  • At the end of it all, you are actually looking for anyone, well prepared to determine some of the offbeat circumstances and even coordinate with you for finding the best answers.
  • All you have to do is just ask yourself if the said person with whom you are planning to interact spontaneously is the right choice to make.

Working with the law firm or just any independent contractor:

Whenever the matter is revolving around attorneys, you might need someone ready to just work as an independent contractor and relying on resources of your firm, or can just set an office within the firm. While trying to hire India centric general counseling services from outside sources, it is true that the individuals won’t end up getting the same compensation and benefit like that of permanent employees under Inhouse Legal Services sector. You need to look for a genuine service like the ones that you get from your permanent employees only.

You can further try to coordinate well with the legal firm for this said service, even though it can prove to be a costly prospect as the firms tend to charge a hefty amount on an hourly basis. The services from outside are a lot cheaper as they will only charge a base fee or lower to the client companies, in place of assured work on a monthly scale. Whether the matter revolves around competencies of any outside general counsel or the quality of the legalized services, it can eventually bring in some benefits to your said business. Before you end up hiring any person, you should assess the role of that person in your firm.

Checking out the duties covered by outside general counsel:

Whether you plan to hire an expert from in-house legal platforms or any independent contractor, it is always mandatory to evaluate the present role of the firm. This role can easily vary, as per the nature of your firm.

  • The main role of the individual around here is to work as a legal advisor to the current employees and even for the companies.
  • The person should be able to cover potential legalized issues and even research for the solutions accordingly.
  • Other than that, they can further procure guidance to the executives and even the employees while focusing on legal compliance.

Focusing on the billing practice of the firm:

Even the finest counsel will fail to be by your side if you are not financially stable to pay for the services. While presenting initial research, it is mandatory to check out the billing practices of the said firm and find out whether the service provider is here to work with the alternative form of billing options.

  • You can try talking to the service providers directly or can communicate with their previous clients to get assurance about the said billing practices.
  • By contacting the previous clients, you will come to know about the time, hourly rates and if their results are satisfactory enough. It will definitely help you to make the right choice around here.

Getting to the point of contact:

The generalized counsel litigation will work well when the matter revolves around legal issues within the said firm. It will definitely imply to work closely with the available service provider, when in relation to that of the major business based transactions and to cover some litigation matters as well. Other than that, the individuals get the chance to present multiple legal services like reviewing and drafting contracts, disclosures of the present employment law and even covering the corporate governance based procedures. Before you end up hiring an outside service provider for your company, you first have to understand the current legal requirements of the said firm.

Make sure to get these points straight before you plan to get general counsel services in India from an outside service provider. Making the right choice in this regard is crucial if you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble at all later, in the long run for sure. The more you research, the better points you will achieve around here.

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