Is Ice Eating Bad For Your Teeth?

There are people who have very sensitive teeth and anytime they eat ice, their face twitches because of the sensitivity, however, there are also people who merrily gobble ice cubes with no effect on their teeth. However, most of the people believe that eating ice is not good for the teeth. But have you ever tried asking why?

Eating ice cubes is an addiction to some people. Not just merely a habit but an obsession that they can’t seem to give up. But what makes ice so addictive?  While partying, a drink with ice is something that is commonly offered by the host. Badoo sign in login there may have been occasions when you’ve had a drink too many and crunched on an ice cube which may have been floating too close to the rim of your glass.  There are many such funny instances when people have had to bite into an ice cube and crunch on it.

Shaved Ice

There are also occasions when you just don’t seem to get enough of all the shaved ice with flavored syrup just like what is served at the Italian Ice in New York, Raspa in Texas, Water Ice in Philly, Shave Ice in Hawaii, Granita, Snow Cones, Slushies and Snow Balls. These are the things that we go crazy about during summer time because a summer without all these is a lame old season with sweat and tears. But there are still few people who are so much into ice that they would prefer chomping a bowl of it whatever season it may be.

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Is Chewing Ice Bad For Your Teeth?

It is really quite surprising to know that there are people who are obsessed with the idea of biting into a cold ice cube.   These dedicated ice chewers are like smokers who can’t get through the day without smoking a stick. What is cool is that they also have their own places to buy their favorite ice cubes– which is somewhat weird because I thought all ice cubes taste the same. They also have websites wherein they snap themselves while chewing ice and post it online. There was even one incident when an ice hardcore bought a snow cone machine for his own personal use at home.

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Sensitive Teeth

By merely looking at this kind of activity, it may seem quite harmless except for the fact that ice can annoy those who have sensitive teeth and gums. But to be pretty honest with everyone, the harm is not limited to sensitivity: chewing ice can lead to serious health conditions as it can destroy your teeth and gums. If you want to break your habit of chewing the ice then reading this would be the best thing that could happen because you need to give up this weird habit of yours.

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History Of Pica

The habit of not just chewing anything that does not have any nutritional value but also craving for it is called Pica. When I say items that do not have nutritional value I am talking about things such as rocks, sand, paint, chalk, paper, clay, dirt and of course ice. Many medical experts have already recorded cases like these. It is recorded in history that  Hippocrates of Kos, an ancient Greek physician has written about how pregnant women love to eat charcoal and earth during the 5th century BC. There is also a medical textbook written during the 6th century A.D that tells about patients who naturally crave for spicy and salty foods– this might be a little normal but there are also other patients who crave for ash, egg shells and even dirt.

If you love to chew ice, then it is one of the common forms of pica, and this is correctly called pagophagia. Well, it is somewhat normal if it is mild, but some people compulsively want to chew ice and the obsession persists.

Diagnosis With Amenia

If this is the case, then this is a symptom of anemia. There are actually 400 types of anemia and this is particularly an iron deficiency anemia. Several medical experts have tried to find out the reason behind this but they found a reason though one cannot be quite sure. However, according to them, pubg mobile apk, people who are diagnosed with anemia seem to feel compelled to chew ice because they love the coolness they feel while biting into the crunchy ice cubes. These ice cubes somewhat soothe the oral inflammation which is often caused by iron deficiency.

There have been studies that show how ice acts like a cup of coffee for those who are deficient in iron. According to a few anemic people, they seem to indulge in such acts because their bodies cannot produce the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin that their bodies need.

Dental Damage

Even though chewing ice may not be bad for your health just like any other such addiction, but it can still cause some dental damage. A lot of problems especially dental can be caused by ice chewing such as chipped and cracked teeth, sore jaw muscles, fillings and crowns, damage to tooth enamel and other problems with your existing dental setup.

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It’s not just that,  chewing ice can also make your teeth terribly sensitive to both cold and hot foods or drinks– not to mention the cavities that will form eventually. If you want to quit the habit of chewing ice, you seriously need to find out what the issue is by checking up with a dentist. Causes may be anemia or any other reason that your dentist may be able to explain. If the cause is anemia there is a quick remedy at has as many such people with anemia have been able to stop chewing ice after undergoing proper treatment for this weird medical condition.

However, if the reason for chewing ice is to stop smoking cigarettes or having a dry mouth, then you should try having cold drinks or ice creams instead of looking for ice cubes.

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