Learn The Pros And Cons About Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet connection is quite different from other types such as DSL, cable, etc. The internet signals arrive in the form of radio waves. It is in turn transmitted by the base station. Here, you will have to get the receiver installed at your house or office. If you are in Delhi, ask the best internet provider in Delhi for more information. The receiver installed will communicate with the base station located nearby. 

As a result, you will get a high-speed internet connection to the house or office. Such connections are used in the rural area. However, it is not the same as satellite internet. Both are different. Internet service providers find no sense in providing cable internet connection in such areas. So, fixed wireless internet is the best solution. 

Pros Of Buying Fixed Wireless Network

  • It can be quickly installed. When rural area is considered, it is the best wifi services plans in Delhi to buy. It just takes a few days to get active and up running. Many internet service providers already own a well-built network in that region. Only the radio has to be installed in the customer’s place. Later, it can be configured accordingly. So, it communicates with the nearby PoP.
  • Bandwidth can be adjusted based on the requirement. The number of users can be modified with minimal cost. If you have a business with long term plans, fixed wireless internet should be an excellent choice.
  • The internet service providers handle the small number of customers with one network. When there are only a few customers, ISP can handle your queries in a better way. So, you are guaranteed to experience the best customer support.
  • Fixed wireless internet lack cables. So, the internet connection is not affected due to the issues related to cable or DSL. The maintenance work required is too minimal. It is one of the best plus points when fixed wireless internet is considered.
  • There is a myth with respect to the wireless connection. Do not believe that wireless internet is insecure. It is wrong! Here signals are traveling through microwaves. Security is not guaranteed. But, the industry has grown to great heights. With the introduction of important security protocols, data privacy is maintained well.

Cons Of Buying Fixed Wireless Network

  • Line of sight is of great importance in fixed wireless internet connection. Being the top internet provider in Delhi, we keep this factor as high priority. The receiver and transmitter radio must be at the line of sight. Presence of any obstacles in between them can lead to poor connection. However, there are alternatives to implement. Placing the PoP near to the line of sight is one such solution.
  • It can a bit costly wifi plans in Delhi when compared to cable, satellite or DSL. It is the dedicated network service. So, the fixed wireless internet is comparatively costlier. You are promised to get the excellent bandwidth and high-quality connection. Ultimately, you are paying for what you get!
  • Fixed wireless internet has only a single access point. A large number of wired and wireless network face the same drawback. Even this network has fixed access at the customer location. 4G LTE is the available mobile solution. It actively supports roaming. But, it depends on the mobile network to provide a broadband connection.

Can you use fixed wireless internet for your business?

Such internet connections do possess a few numbers of limitations. The demand for a line of sight is one drawback. Also, it is costly when compared to other connection types. If you get a 100% promising local support, go ahead with a fixed network. Only a few internet providers in Delhi guarantee the same!

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