Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number

In a numerology reading, the preeminent implication is laid on the meaning of life path number.  For centuries now, numerology is being used to open the doors to the enormous possibilities in an individual’s life by finding a greater meaning to their cosmic plan. The greater secrets of numerology are revealed by studying the date of birth and name of an individual. Numbers have different energies aligning with them and every alphabet of your name, after being reduced to a single number can be connected with the energies of numbers to find the impact of different numbers on your life. The energies of the numerical values of your name can interact with your date of birth to mirror your tendencies, personality traits and life’s path.

Meaning of Life Path Number

One of the major secrets of numerology is that by close observation of numerical patterns in daily life, one can gain a better understanding of the world. Numerology numbers can shed light on your inner strengths and weaknesses which help in understanding right path for your life to attain all that your desire.

Various numerology prediction apps use different kinds of numerology numbers to provide the life reading. The meaning of Life Path number can be explained with a single statement that the Life Path number is the most important number that defines the characteristic personality traits of the people along with their attitude and aptitude that helps in describing the direction in which you should guide your life.

It’s the foremost important numerology numbers, which is based on your exclusive date of birth, and can serve as the archetype of your life. The reason why the Life Path number affects your personality and favourable and challenging circumstances that you may face in your life, is because this number can never be changed.

How to Calculate Life Path Number

Calculation of Life Path Number does not include a complicated mathematical deduction and all you need for this is your exact date of birth and knowledge to add different numbers. Nevertheless, to make the calculation of life path number easier, many numerology prediction apps provide this feature.

The life path number is a single-digit number from 1 through 9 except for the case when the calculation comes down to 11 or 22, which are the master numbers and cannot be reduced to a single number.

The basic idea behind calculating the Life Path number is that after adding the numbers of the birth date, all two-digit numbers are reduced to a single number. For instance, if the sum of your date of birth is 32, it will be reduced to 5(3+2), if the number is 25, then it will be reduced to 7(2+5). 11 and 22, called as the master numbers are the exception to this reduction rule.

For the Life Path Number’s calculation, you need to take your entire birth date and add all the numbers until it comes to a single digit, with the exception of 11 and 22.

Like, for a person born on 14-10-1999

(1+4) + (1+0) + (1+9+9+9)

=5+1+1 (1+9+9+9= 28, 2+8=10, 1+0= 1)


So, the Life Path number here is 7.

Significance of Life Path number

The Life Path number majorly points towards an individual’s personality type, their attitude and their goal in life i.e. the Life Path.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 1

Personality type: The Ruler

Attitude: Self-determined and Original

Life Path: To Gain a better sense of confidence and to establish a voice of their own.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 2

Personality type: The Diplomat

Attitude: Love and partnerships

Life Path: To connect with the world by tapping into their emotional awareness.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 3

Personality type: The Entertainer

Attitude: Imagination and self-expression

Life Path: To face the difficulties with your creativity using a blend of optimism and practicality.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 4

Personality type: The Facilitator

Attitude: Devotion and perseverance

Life Path: To create a balance between aspirations and desire of security

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 5

Personality type: The Free-Spirit

Attitude: Diversity, innovation and adventure

Life Path: To develop a daily schedule and structure to stay grounded to your roots.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 6

Personality type: The Caregiver

Attitude: Long-term satisfaction and family-oriented

Life Path: To develop a comfortable place for yourself and your family.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 7

Personality type: The Intellectual

Attitude: Intelligence and soul-searching

Life Path: To be intuitive while being rationally attentive.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 8

Personality type: The Authoritarian

Attitude: Accomplishment and dominations

Life Path: To learn to be authoritative while being open to letting someone else take over.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 9

Personality type: The Patron

Attitude: Humanity and compliance

Life Path: To be aware of their own desires while helping others.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 11

Personality type: The Visionary

Attitude: Philosophy and Spirituality

Life Path: To work with others to create spiritual awareness and harmony.

Significance and Meaning of Life Path Number 22

Personality type: The Master Builder

Attitude: Adept and Ascension

Life Path: To be the guide that influences people while also letting them learn from their experiences.

Key Takeaways

The Life Path number is the only number that doesn’t change throughout a person’s life and is used best for guiding people in understanding their purpose of life and inculcate them in their careers and life paths. Tarot lifenumerology and tarot reading app is the best numerology predictions app that facilitates not just the numerological insights based on numerology numbers but also provides tarot card reading and astrology predictions.

Tarot life uses a numerological calculator to find the user’s Life Path number, Personality number, Destiny number and Maturity number for providing the numerological predictions.

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