Tez App : Hello friends My name is Mohit today we are going to talk about the Tez APP. Friends Tez APP which is a Google product. Let’s know friends, what is Tez APP, and how it works and what Google has created for it

Friends are the Tez APP which is an application based on the UPI. This application is specially made for India Tez APP which is Google’s product or you can say that it is made by Google,

Friends, Tez APP, which is a payment app that gives you the award as a coupon when you pay someone on the payment, if you scratch, you can get anywhere from Rsn 1 to 1 lac RUPAY and that price is your direct your bank. Will go to the account,

If friends pay you bills with this app or order some, then you will be given coupons as awards, you can get one or two or three where your award amount also increases which is direct to your bank Will go to the account.


Acab you will find both versions of Android and iPhone in the iOS operating system. You can install it in both versions, Tez APP supports all languages ??of India and you will also find all National Bank of India in it,

So let’s talk about how to install Tez APP and how you can use it

step 1 . You can go to your Google Play Store and type faster and install it,

Step 2 Now open it and you want to use it in the language you want to use,

Step 3 Now you have to register your mobile number in it. Remember that you register your mobile number which is CONNECT with the bank account.

Step 4 will now be validated by your mobile number verification code,

Step 5 Now you have to attach your PIN number. Or you can attach your phone password here to the security

Step 6 Now you have to attach your bank account by clicking on the + bank account button in the top of it.

Step 7 cash mode
This is a very unique feature of the Tez APP. With this help you can transfer money from anyone without asking any details. For this, both of you will have to stay nearby, it will automatically register register number on your Tez APP. Will do it.

You have to swipe to send and receive payments.

If you are receiving money then swipe on the receiver.

If you are paying money then swipe off the pay.

How to transfer step 8 money
To transfer money online click on the icon of the money given below the payment.

Tez App

If you want, you can send money through his phone number, which he has attached to an APNE bank account or you can transfer money via UPI ID

Or you can transfer money to the direct account of her.