YouTube : Hello friends My name is Mohit, and today we are going to talk about YouTube’s background play. That is how you play YouTube in your phone in the background. Friends, you must be using YouTube all the time, and while using YouTube you just would love to watch your favorite music bus and not want to see them, and you would not want to see that the video of the music bus playing in the background does not go through your phone The battery will remain and the data on your phone will be yours, so let’s know how you play YouTube in the background.

  •  Friends, first you need to open Chrome or Firefox Browser on your Android phone.
  •  After that you have to open YouTube in your browser

search youtube

  •  After the YouTube website is open, you have to press your browser’s menu button.

press menu button

  •  After this you have to go to the menu and turn on the desktop site.
  •  After on-the-go YouTube will be opened like a desktop site.

play favorite song

  •  Then you can play any of your favorite songs, and after playing, you have to switch to any application
  •  After switch, your YouTube song will stop running, and you will get a notification

youtube notification

  •  You can play your favorite music by pressing the play button given in YouTube’s notifications by opening the notification
  •  Your YouTube video will now play in the background. And you can enjoy your favorite song in youtube without having to spend your batteries without spending more MB.